Wildlife Destinations Around The Garden City

The state of Karnataka holds the highest tiger population in the country. With the Nilgiri range
running through the state, Karnataka is home to several species of wildlife and birds, making for a
great destination especially for wildlife enthusiasts. Here are a few destinations around Bangalore
where you can spot a variety of wildlife.

1. Kabini: At just over 200 kms from the city, Kabini is a lush Tiger Reserves that is home to several species that include the Barking Deer, Indian Leopard and Dhole.

2. Bandipur: Located at 225 kms from Bangalore, Bandipur is an extension of the Nilgiri range and is home to several species including the Gaur, Sloth Bear and Muntjac.

3. BR Hills: Another Tiger Reserve in the state it is only about 120 kms away and houses some of the thickest forests in the region.

For more info on where you can catch a glimpse of wildlife in and around the city, contact our front desk. We would love to guide you with any information you require during your visit. Hope to welcome you soon at Hotel Kanthi Comforts.

December, 2017