Things You Should Buy When You Visit The Garden City

Each city has its own charm and a list of specialities that you should pick up when you visit. While there is a list of things that are exclusively available in the city of Bangalore, here are a select few items that you should surely pick up.

1. Coffee: With the Coorg district just a few hundred kilometres away, a lot of premium coffee finds its way into Bangalore and can be found in several coffee shops across the city, contact our Travel Desk to know where you can find some of the best coffee beans or powder in the city.

2. South Indian Spices and Masalas: Some of the state’s most popular dishes include Bisi Bele Bath and Puliogare, both of which use a variety of spices. You can find readymade authentic mixes of popular dishes at several restaurants and their retail stores.

3. Sarees: Find a variety of unique sarees in the city. Many stores such as Mysore Saree Udyog offer a range of sarees that come from different parts of the state and have different patterns and texture.

To know more about the things, you can buy when in the city and where to buy them, contact our front desk. Our affable staff will gladly help you find what you are looking for during your stay. We hope to welcome you soon at Kanthi Comforts, one of the best budget hotels in the city.

November, 2017