Best Spots In Bangalore For A Shopping Spree

If you’re in Bangalore on a short visit, then you might want to take something back home. Might be a souvenir or a gift for a loved one. While Bangalore is a great place to shop, too many options may confuse you. Here are the best places to pick up local souvenirs in Bangalore.

Commercial Street: The most popular of the lot, there is nothing you’ll not find here. Everything is at an affordable rate and can be bargained for as well.

City Market: Primarily a wholesale market, this market place sells everything from electronics to handicrafts. Generally crowded, the best time to visit is around early evenings.

Gandhi Bazaar: Located in Basvangudi, this market is a little away from the city but has a lot to offer. An open market that has a regular change of stalls, this market is also very crowded during wee hours.

These markets are not exactly retails stores so feel free to bargain and negotiate prices. Explore the city of Bangalore on your next stay with us, one of the best hotels in the city. Contact our Travel Desk for more info related to the city and sightseeing, our staff will gladly help you out.

October, 2017